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03 October 2009 @ 12:31 am
Due to RL troubles, xennai is putting this community on hiatus.

Thanks for your patience! :)
Eeeee~ Sorry for the lateness you guys. ;_; I've been swamped with homework all week. :/ :/
Anyways, FANTASTIC icons and participation voting wise this week! First, second, and third place were all separated by ONE point! Amazing~~! Toldja it would be hard! 8D 8D

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Congratulations to all participants and especially to this week's winners.Your next theme will be up ASAP!
Thank you to earlier submitters and to those who came through last minute! Voting is gonna be hella hard this week, seriously. :O THE ICONS ARE GORGEOOOUS~
So we'll have a subtheme of Best Coloring. Your special category vote cannot be the same as one of your regular votes.

This week we have 11 fantasmic icons to vote on! Please vote on them in the following format:

First: 43
Second: 44
Third: 45
Best coloring: 76


43, 44, 45

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Here's your last minute reminder for this week's theme, Full Moon by the Black Ghosts. We now have 9 awesome icons! Thanks so much to submitters, and perhaps to future submitters as well? You have til 11:00 PM CST to get 'em in! 8D 8D ♥

Well then. Still no new entries for this week's theme, Full Moon by the Black Ghosts // KH2 Provided Images , eh? I'll help you guys out, since there are a lot of usable phrases. Here are some (but not all):

-I'll come home
-don't know where I'll go
-back home
-curse the powers
-our intentions always last
-you're still there
-in the full moon's light

Some of them are pretty long, but you guys are amazing with text! I don't want to have to do another reminder, so let's get on with this week!

SUBMIT, please :)
Since we still only have three icons for this week's theme, I am extending it until Sunday, September 13th at 10:00 PM CST. Please submit if you have time! Let's get 10 icons this week!

So far we only have 3 beautiful icons for this week's theme, Full Moon by the Black Ghosts // KH2 Provided Images. This is your reminder to submit some icons if you have time! There are a lot of really pretty lyric choices!

I can't think of anything coherent to say. XD *just woke up* It's time for a lyrical theme! I chose a song at random, it ended up being Full Moon by the Black Ghosts (anyone else love the Twilight soundtrack but not so much the movie? XD) with a subtheme of Kingdom Hearts 2 Provided Images.

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27 August 2009 @ 05:16 pm
OHMIGOSH I am so sorry this is so late D: D: I totally spaced out.
Because of my fail, I'm just going to post the new submission on Monday.

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Congratulations to all participants and especially to this week's winners. Your next theme will be up Monday.
Attention: We only have 6 votes for this week's contest! I let it go on a little longer in case we would get more, but we haven't. So please, if you haven't already, VOTE so we can get the winners out and a new theme up!!!